Dragons Den – Contemporary photo booth hire

Open air photo booth hire London

Contemporary photo booth hire – open air photo booth hire

We were just catching up on Dragons Den from last night and there was one pitch that caught our attention: The contemporary photo booth company Zeven Media, which Deborah Meaden invested £50,000 for a 25% share of their company.

We are very keen to understand what our clients thought to their photo booths. Here at Photoboothy we actually offer an open air style photo booth (otherwise known as the selfie booth), designed specifically for companies and venues that lack enough space for a traditional style booth; it is a very similar concept as the booth that was featured on Dragons Den. All our photo booths come with social media sharing options, whether you want Facebook uploads, Twitter uploads, the ability to email the photos or send them via text message, it’s all covered. Our technology allows us to tailor the software to our clients requirements and we can also brand the screens too with your logos.

One comment we found interesting, and we’re very keen to understand what you think, was a comment made by Peter Jones, who owns Jessops: Whilst discussing the photo Kelly Hoppen had taken he said “If I look at the picture Kelly has taken it’s got to be the most boring picture and photo I’ve seen; the fun about taking photos in a photo booth, is about putting funny glasses on, funny hats”. What do you guys think? Did you agree with his comment or do you think the market is changing? Would you pay to use a photo booth if there wasn’t any props to dress up with, or do you feel this would defy the point? Is there enough difference to make you as a client pay to have a photo taken on a selfie booth, rather than taking a photo on your phone and uploading the photo to social media?

Photoboothy is always looking for ways to improve our services based on direct client feedback, so if you have any unique requirements or suggestions we would love to hear from you.