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Welcome to Photoboothy – photo booth hire.  At Photoboothy it is our priority to provide a truly professional service, with memories that will last you a lifetime. Our brand-new state of the art photo booths are fully equipped with the latest technology which enables us to provide a range of different photo booth hire services across London and the Midlands. Our 4 foot illuminated letters are a perfect way to personalise your wedding, or an event. Looking for something different? Check out our Digital Graffiti Walls for hire, the perfect technology for guest interaction!

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Photoboothy’s specialized wedding photo booth hire service will make for a great addition to your special day, giving you and your guests a solid platform through which to capture the magic of the day’s proceedings. Nothing brings wedding guests together quite like the allure of our well-equipped photo booths, which are multi-functional and can be tailored to your specific requirements. With a view of keeping the spirit of your wedding ceremony going, your hired wedding photo booth can be personalised to seamlessly blend in with the overall style of your décor, with our equally smartly-dressed photo booth attendant ensuring that the theme of your wedding is adhered to.


With Photoboothy’s uniquely professional touch overseeing your wedding’s photo booth sessions, you can rest-assured your guests will have something tangible by which they’ll always remember your special day, coming away with a selection of printouts and complementary access to an online archive of the event’s photo gallery.
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What’s a party without a Photoboothy party booth? If you want to add some real flavour to your party, whether it’s a kids’ birthday celebration, house party, engagement party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other party, there is no better way to do so than to feature a photo booth. Our parties’ photo booth hire service continues to be a hit among party planners, fit for parties of all sizes. Nothing beats the experience of capturing those epic moments in time when the true spirit of your party shows on your guests’ faces, with our enchanting photo booth experience preserving the magic of those moments forever. Both you and your guests will have visual records of your party’s most memorable moments and you can even take things further and add to the fun with our fun-filled prop box.


Choose between our various party photo booth hire packages to add some spunk to your do, with all the available packages inclusive of unlimited print outs.
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Our photo booths for corporate hire, double-up as functional events focal-points, in addition to offering an extremely effective mobile marketing medium. We expertly tailor your corporate photo booths to incorporate the DNA of your company, both through your required custom design and natural integration of your company logo. It will literally look like you actually own the booth, with the photo-shooting activities coming together with the visual representation of your company’s logo to leave a lasting impression on all your guests. With up to 10 people accommodated at any one time, you can get a lot done within a short space in time (very important for corporate events like team-building exercises), all while taking full advantage of the marketing/advertising value that naturally develops from the displaying of your logo, short message or related content.


No corporate event is complete without the presence of Photoboothy’s corporate hire photo booths.
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The perceived success of any school prom is made up of a selection of defining points, such as that all-important photo-capturing exercise. With Photoboothy on board, you not only ensure the smooth-sailing of your school prom’s photographysessions, but also create an official point of convergence which can very quickly turn into the main event of the night. Apart from crowning the prom king and queen (if of cause that is a feature of your prom night), the photo booth session could really make the night one to remember amongst all in attendance. Your guests will love the fact that they don’t have to worry about coming away with amateur photos shot by each other, with our customisable school proms photo booths specifically designed to capture the true and entire essence of the event.


Book one or more of our photo booths for your school prom event and watch just how easily half of your night’s entertainment will be taken care of.
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Photoboothy will gladly assist you in finding a creative way to attract more customers to your bar or night club venues, with our bars & clubs photo booth hire service specifically conceived to complement that nightlife environment. People love the option of having something else to do, in addition to indulging and hitting the dance floor, and a themed photo booth makes for the perfect setting to capture those wild nights with drink-in-hand. Just book one of our latest-design photo booths for your club or bar setting and see what happens!


Photoboothy’s modern and slick photo booths are very quickly taking over the bar and club scenes, giving HAPPY HOUR a brand new face. With the ability to simultaneously house up to 10 bubbly people, those famous group photos will add some extra spice to any bar or club venue.
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Photoboothy’s provision of vintage photo booths is popular among shop owners, so too funky photo booths as these types of photo booths breathe some new life into an otherwise monotonic shop setting. Adding a photo booth, even if only for a short period of time, is a classic way of drawing customers to your shop, increasing their buying potential and leading to more business. The effective advertising effect of hiring a photo booth doesn’t have to be limited to the immediate vicinity of the shop though. You can customise your hired photo booths with your shop’s branding and temporarily assign those booths to strategic locations that draw the eyes of your potential customers. If customers can then collect some of the print outs they might want later, having them come into your shop to collect those print-outs will create more foot-traffic.
Our latest-design photo booths are great for shops, packed with features that your customers won’t be able to get enough of.
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Your young man’s Bar Mitzvah or young woman’s Bat Mitzvah is naturally a very special, once-in-a-lifetime event and you don’t want to leave the capturing and preservation of that event’s memory to chance. Our Bar Mitzvahs photo booth hire service was created with all Bar/Bat Mitzvah traditions and customs in mind, which is why the end results, in the form of your photo print-outs, always come out perfectly. The presence of our fully-equipped and advanced photo booth will give your guests the perfect platform to really join in on the celebrations and feel as if they’re truly part of proceedings. Everybody will have a physical medium through which to look back on the special memories and recapture the essence and significance of the day.


Make sure your child’s coming-of-age event is captured in a professional and fun way, with unlimited prints available with all hired booths (including the standard package).